with Dad and movies

   Ce matin, I woke up early at 7:30, and tried to call XL a dozen times until 9:30 when she finally turned her cellphone back on. I was a bit careless with words the night before and we ended up harboring a little ill feelings. So meanwhile I ate oatmeal with microwaved milk and thought it was a fine breakfast. She said she won’t go to school until in the afternoon and I told her my dad is coming to have lunch with me. When dad finally arrived by himself at the door due to my use of the restroom while he was calling me, we wrapped up things and went out driving to the toyota dealership to get oil change. I fixed the maintenance light on the car following the instruction learned the night before, so only had to spend 36 bucks on oil change alone. We ran took a walk to the nearby San Antonio shopping center, through a stretch of freeway with no sidewalks, where we were forced to jump over the fence to avoid running into the traffic. Our first stop was at Target where I found a nice coffeemaker for 9 bucks. And then we headed over to Walmart where large containers for purified water and coffee were sought. Finally we also visited Milkpail and safeway to look for cranberry and craisin, raisin made of cranberries. On the way back to the dealership dad called LJN and I called XL, where she told me about her dad’s invention. Then we realized we went a full circle back to milkpail, so had to retrace back on San Antonio road with no sidewalk, and pass through an underpass of the railway and took another sidewalkless stretch of san antonio road to arrive at middlefield road where the dealership is located. A better route we discovered through san antonio road is to take the alley to the right of san antonio, which eventually converges with san antonio. After paying for the oil change, we went to all four stores visited before and got what we want, an instant coffee bottle, a 5 gallon water tank (which does have plastic smell but supposedly harmless), filled it with 5 gal of pure water at safeway where we got the info about a better tank sold at an adultschool on Moffett street from a hispanic woman filling water there also. Got soymilk and craisin at safeway. After taking leave from dad at home, I called AM about appointment for her daughter tomorrow, who got accepted to stanford (cong!). Then I talked to mom briefly on msn, and then XL came back, told me to watch blind side, with her together. Then she burned her beef stew, was very upset. I watched another movie called magic house, pretty sickly but with an interesting twist on the plot. The bad guys look like vampires, and almost equally invincible. I then talked to XL over the cell extensively, which made my heart feel warm and lively. Good night dear.

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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