how to adjust to injustice

Life is full of unfairness. But as a man of exact science, I tend to obsess over equalities. Most notably I prefer to see people as completely equal to each other, in terms of social status, physical attributes, and blessings, despite the fact that God might work in a way that emblematizes the equality over a long period of time. Another aspect of equality comes from how people treat me and how I treat them in retribution. Interpersonal tolerance is exactly a measure of how deeply one could take in an imbalanced load of personal favor or disfavor, without being preoccupied by its actuarial consequence within one’s private, subliminal checkbook. It is an old habit even as someone from a pure math background to disproportionately emphasize the importance of equalities, while from a probabilistic standpoint inequalities are far more universal, manageable, and therefore noteworthy. In that sense, a personal frailty in front of power imbalance, or evanescent injustice could be directly linked to my disinclination with inequalities. But to indulge in the fuzzy science entirely is not the solution to all of my intellectual woes. One needs a certain amount of discipline, a pair of bookkeeper’s eyes, and readiness to internalize methodologies and traditions, in order to make the right judgments and moves at the right junctures of time. In effect, creativity in living consists chiefly in how one handles the multitude of unfairness, because the just part of life can simply be understood by linear deductive reasoning.


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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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