How to control the mouth

There are two ways one could die an unnatural death : 1. by eating, 2. by talking. Of course I meant death in the karma sense. The former is physical and the latter psychological. And they share the common feature that they all go through the pie-hole. In fact, sometimes they work simultaneously, and almost spontaneously, the latter justifying the former, or vice versa. It seems rather impolitic to some if eating and drinking are not accompanied by trash talking, given that there is nothing better than trash in the brain. One way to stop the dissemination of false knowledge or inappropriate remarking habits is to be occupied in altruistic jobs, such as dishwashing, which obviates the need to contribute to discussion. Another remarkably effective way to stop the trash flow (as opposed to cash) is by leaving. The exeunt from a heated debate or casual chitchating might strike others as rude or defeatism. But in fact it is perfectly natural. Everyone is anticipating, in some cases, dying, for the conversation to be cut short at some point. An abrupt physical withdrawal is always better than an equally brusque interjection of uninvited remark or ininitated comment. And that is because physical acts can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, none of which is authoritative, whereas the majority of human beings are rather keen on analyzing verbal input. To put it another way, controlling the mouth is much more difficult than controlling other parts of the body, because they are not subject to immediate peer censorship.
  It is admittedly not easy to zip up or speak sparingly and in an unbelabored way when the counterparty consists of quick-witted, encyclopedic, unrelenting talk show host (with due respect to people like Jon Stewart). It is thus important to keep up with the quintessential talk shows in the popular media, such as the daily show, certain excerpts of Sheldon’s quotes from the big Bang theory, as well as some digested versions (if any) of Chinese semilebrity gossipings, although I would personally refrain from the third option.  In the event of lack of preparation for such seemingly meaningless and counterproductive verbal enterprise or warfare, it is best to leave the occasion or engage in other intellectual activities such as discussion of more pragmatic matters with less competitive groups. When I meet someone more knowledgeable than humanly possible, I always have the urge to take notes right in front of him, to ensure that my time is not wasted in just observing a supernatural feat, but also training myself to mobilize in adverse event. 

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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