On electrical pianos

It has been a lifelong quest of mine to own a piano, with a full keyboard. There are several issues associated with such investment. The sheer amount space it takes up in a small room can be devastating. However, when a wish is repeated too often, and now coupled by another person, it has a mandate to be fulfilled. So the question becomes whether an accoustic piano or an electrical one. Note electrical has the connotation of full sized keyboard as opposed to the more popular 61 key gadget, commonly referred to as electronic keyboard. Both types probably take up comparable space, provided they are both upright. One thing that I neglected in sizing up a real piano is its weight. It is not until I called several people on craigslist enquiring about shipping options did I realize that even moving the piano out of the door takes some real teamwork. And the reason, as explained by my wife, is the central copper motherboard that resonates with the strings. Indeed it can only be heavier than any other furniture of comparable size. I soon gave up on such ambitious enterprise that involves labor intensive coordination, and instead focused on the electrical options. And the debate is between a US brand or Japanese brand. Older generations from China tend to idolize Japanese products due to their reputation of robustness and impeccable design. In fact I bought a Yamaha electrical piano right before college and had some serious fun with it. It had to be sold after a few months due to moving. But with significantly lower price, one gets a US brand that looks like a real piano, as opposed to just the surface of the keyboard plus some provisional supporting structure and no foot pedal. So my intuition, coupled with good reviews, drew my attention to a brand called william overture digital piano, whose headquarter seems to be located in California. As a gesture of support to local product, I bought it without a second thought. And even after I was persuaded that a Japanese brand might be better and sent the seller an email for cancellation of the shipment, I was still eager to see my real pricing skill, which is what I could benefit the most from.  Its arrival this morning has vindicated my effort.
p.s. this entry is completely mumbling. I can’t even call it a useful product review. But take whatever you can from it.

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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