Blogging resolution for 2011

This quarter I am taking 2 real math classes: one on algebraic combinatorics, in particular symmetric function theory, taught by Persi Diaconis, and the other on graphical inference model, by Andrea Montanari. It is now my plan to summarize what’s going on in class each day. Since they alternate and span monday through thursday, this should keep me busy everyday, aside from attending lectures. This set of informal summary will not serve as lecture notes by any means. Indeed both courses follow carefully well-written online lecture notes, such as Stanley’s enumerative combinatorics volume II and Montanari’s own course notes. My job rather is to give an overview of the subject without skipping the technical highlights, as well as keep a good reference list for further exploration. This will be especially useful for those who are taking the classes at the same time with me, but outsiders might benefit even more since it saves them the time to sit in the classes. As usual, comments and suggestions are not only welcome, but desparately needed.


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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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