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Cauchy’s Series product identity, an exercise from Macdonald’s book on symmetric functions

After seeing how diminished my daily visitor count has gone, since the last series of rapid fire posting of technical posts on CS related issues, I decide to come back to mathematics. The result is motivated by an example/exercise from … Continue reading

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Two tricks on how to deal with latex graphics

It is always annoying to adjust graphics and plots in latex environment. Somehow the program is not smart enough to figure out where to place the pictures, and worse still, it always arrange pictures and texts in unexpected order, unless … Continue reading

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more regular expressions on kile: greedy and non-greedy search

First let me point out a common misconception about wild card character “?” and “*”. As we correctly remembered, “?” means zero or one of some object, and “*” means zero or many of some object. However they are not … Continue reading

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matlab: how to generate and save graphs or plots automatically

I realize I have a short memory of computer related skills, so rather than always going back to my old code to refresh on syntax and tricks, I’d rather record them here. The nastiest aspect is how to generate graphs … Continue reading

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Some tricky regular expression for search and replace in Kile

I have always wanted to learn regular expression comprehensively, but the task of rote memory always daunts me. Today I finally had some courage to experiment with it in the simplest setting, namely doing a search and replace in kile: … Continue reading

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Eric Rains’ proof that the eigenvalues of a high power of a Haar distributed random matrix are independent uniformly distributed

One of my main research objectives has been to understand random walks on the compact simple Lie groups, most notably the special orthogonal groups. However unitary groups have much simpler structures in terms of their joint eigenvalue distributions. Hence I … Continue reading

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