Diaries need to be non-technical

It is ok to be occasionally nerdy, but too much of that is bad for you. This is especially true for personal blogging, since it is most valuable when it exposes your weakness, and the use of technical jargons/ideas seems inevitably to smell showmanship. So unless there is something urgently in need of publicizing, I will refrain from the habit of a Renaissance man here, and behave myself like one of those math-fearing innocent civilians. Well let’s see how long I can keep that promise. And did I mention that diaries are also preferably short?

I have been troubled by my lousiness in coding, which is only amplified through the big data environment. Any small mishap of a keystroke can destroy a fraction of a day’s productivity. There seems to be a reason to call apache pig pig. After all it makes you realize we are all pigs (at least I myself), the most despicable farm animal. The more I use this round beast, the more I despise my own incompetence. At present, with a weekend intervening, I seem to temporarily regain my work life balance, but not for long. After all weekends are for unsupervised workaholism. Well at least the day was saved by some departing friendship. We had a good shot of taquilla, my very first instance of such social conformity. I boasted it, and as expected received a friendly reaction of surprise. The friend exudes a certain aura of energy that makes his departing almost cathartic. I can only recall middle school friends, those of the academically unambitious types, to carry such imperial air. Anyhow, it was bittersweet to see him go, but silicon valley is small enough that random collision is bound to happen.

The rain seemed to have kept quite a few clan’s people at home today. I had the impulse to take such liberty myself, but old habit of going to work is hard to break. I suppose everyone else in the company lavish their non-vacations until they are forced to house-arrest, that those who behave oppositely as a normal 9-5 person would are held with high regard, ironically.


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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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