Daily log

Today I almost had a fight with a colleague due to disagreement about experimental decision. I feel that his thoughts are murky and adulterated by the desire to find excuses to our incompetence. In addition, he is against any suggestion of mine that would substantially improve product quality, at the expense of exposing weakness of our ranking model, to which he is chiefly responsible. I was also extremely angry for his inability to compromise on the front of shared bucket space. He would prioritize an inferior title model he developed (which he is unwilling to admit despite mounting evidence from editorial judgments), at the expense of more urgent matters such as exploration buckets. I am totally fed up with his ostentatiously bad math and communication skills, in addition to his jaded attitude towards quantitative innovation, such as a suggestion I made earlier for him to work on optimization triggering based on a well-posed framework. He dismissed it as book-smart.

Of course I reveal none of such sentiments in peer reviews. But maybe I should start spilling some of that bitterness, since after all management takes these things pretty seriously. I should have sided with other colleagues of his who made implicit complaints about his ability long ago. The heated AC in the building contributed to my brinksmanship.

On the baby front, the three ladies in the house, my mother, my wife and the nanny seem to have had an easy day. However I again surprised the crowd by showing my lately acquired skill to cheer him up by lifting him up, and exercising his leg strength, pretending he can stand by himself. For mysterious reasons, he really enjoyed such exercise despite apparent discomfort it could cause to his armpits. My mother’s method of shaking the rattling toy also seems effective. We agreed that he will grow up becoming garrulous.


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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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