Daily log 2

Yesterday was relatively uneventful. I woke to greet our house guests, friends of my wife. I couldn’t suppress my inner grudge that we seem to be living in a one bedroom apartment these days, with one room relinquished for the nanny and another for guests. Everyone has an internal balance. In my case, this balance seems to get more and more fine-tuned as I age, which is deplorable. The less one is sensitive to injustices, the happier he tends to be, and can devote more energy to more meaningful things in life. Perhaps that’s why I failed to be a good probabilistic, where inequalities, and inexact results are cherished farther.

Coming back from my stream of consciousness, after cooking some dumpling dessert for our guests, I quickly went to work. At breakfast, I ran into that obnoxious colleague again. But this time he was visibly softened. Though later after lunch, he became obnoxious again, at which point I confronted him thus: it is not right for you to dismiss my work as useless, given how illogical your own thoughts are; minus the second half. It worked. I figure he does not intuit my hurt feelings all these days, and is acting in his own expert domain of consciousness. Unfortunately he is impregnable to reason, so the best practice will be to avoid him at all costs, and communicate chiefly through messaging. Anyway, in the morning I managed to produce a new model that feels promising, which was promptly delivered in the afternoon. After logging my tasks for the upcoming days of the week and finishing one more item, I felt completely home-bound.

On the way back, I received a call from my wife informing me that the fridge is broken. It took me a good part of half an hour to get it completely fixed. It turns out Samsung fridge has these stupid key combo that puts it in demo mode. Such settings are completely undocumented on the device itself. Browsing through the manual also didn’t help, at least under my wife’s perusal, who is not a good and careful reader anyhow. But search engine was powerful enough to guide me to the resolution. Alas, later that night I also became aware of some leaky water pipe under our kitchen sink. I tried to fix it under the nanny’s guidance. Around bed time I challenged my wife to do the plumbing job herself, to which she is eternally venomous.


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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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