Daily log 3

One advantage of using boring title like ‘Daily log %d’%3 is that I can stop attributing slothful hiatus to lack of creative title. On the contrary, to external audience in a commercial setting, title is one of the most important aspect of an article. Anyway today was quite eventful, in a positive way finally. My cold treatment to the headstrong colleague finally paid off. Though he continues to devalue my time, he becomes visibly aware of my effort to cut conversations short in order to get my own career moving. I finally vented some of my frustration working with him against my boss, who appears knowingly sympathetic, though it might also strike a discordant note about my congeniality. In any case I have played the Mr. Cooperative guy for too long that I fathom cutting the karma supply will only be viewed as a sign of maturation. The art of refusal, cutting conversation short must be mastered at an early age. The trick is called excuses. It is not a sign of weakness to make up excuses every time you need something. Quite the opposite, it is great exercise for creativity. Later when multiple priorities compete, it is ok to treat certain people with bluntness. But even the president must excuse himself in front of a foreign leader, for whatever real reason.

Now I got quadruply booked by a few people today, some of which was continuation of past projects. First is a great opportunity to implement an optimizing meta-algorithm on the grid. This is always my favorite kind of science work, most akin to pure math. I am fortunate to have a highly knowledgeable and accommodating colleague who can guide me through his code, theoretical white paper, and even publishing strategy. I feel the need to catch up on contribution in order to earn a spot on the author list, if at all. I am also delighted by technical requests from colleagues, tapping into some of my primordial NLP type effort in the past quarter or so. Such and other work has been cheerfully rewarded by an above average rating today during perform review, quite an anomaly compared to previous quarters. Finally friend/colleague is still pursuing opportunity for some sports betting strategy, which I need to get back to over the weekend, assuming the kid is cooperative.

During regular recess, I read a thought-provoking article on wechat that promotes the dont-repeat-yourself strategy in child-rearing. From my personal experience, the problem it tries to address is definitely valid. I myself have suffered recalcitrance from authority, starting from the run-away incidence from kindergarten, to outspoken disobedience against my mother most notably,  which fostered decade-old animosity to this day. I regret not able to transcend such childish degeneracy, but as a parent, I also fear unable to rectify my own kid, due to innate hubris. Or it could just be a genetic trait particular to myself, in which case I would have other things to worry about, such as inclination to study, ambition, and reasonability.


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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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