Insurance policy

Only after my second child was born did I realize that I have been using the less economic insurance plans all these years. Even during years without major medical events, my family members, myself included, make hospital visits pretty frequently. The ideal plan in that situation is EPO. But I have been using a highly subsidized version of PPO sponsored through my company for the past year, since it was the best advertised one and seems to essentially level the deductible with EPO. What I did not understand is that for things like child delivery, EPO charges a flat $250 rate as reported by the Chinese community, whereas the PPO plan accumulates a bill in excess of $20k, which still charges $2k to me after coinsurance. Unfortunately the details are in the fine-prints, and it’s not in the insurance company’s best interest to make them transparent. Lesson learned. I will have to trust Chinese source of information far more than the English ones, because the latter just suck with irrelevant details.


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