Healthy meal for muscle

Today I want to share some new revelation about cooking. After joining the Chinese e-commerce company for half a year, I have consumed some 200 odd lunch boxes in the Chinese street style, not to mention the extra ones I brought home for my family. While my wife seems totally complacent about the recipes, I start questioning its long term sustainability and impact on health. Some of my colleagues already reported various vital metrics at alert levels, conceivably attributable to diet. Since about a month ago, I had been taking to jogging as a way to counter the high fat/calories in the company catering. But then my left knee gave in consistently for 2 mile daily routine and I started to have some serious lifestyle change, namely little to no exercise. To be fair, I tried swimming in cold water once, and more recently I have been picking up on ab wheel, which was not a bad turn of fate either, as we shall see later. In addition, my para-radiologist for kidney CT explained to me how asian food is replete with salt, which makes joint wear hard to recover, unless I drink plenty of water. Now I am not a believer in more water the better, but rather that one should take in what’s needed. Instead of solving the salt problem with dilution, I’d rather fix the source of the problem.

Now as a father of two, husband of a shrew, I rarely have time to experiment with lifestyle outside the one prescribed by my partner, who holds deeply the belief that genetics trumps life-style and that one should carpe diem. Her own grandma exemplified this doctrine by living to the ripe age of 95 while serial-smoking until 75, and eating preserved presumably carcinogenic dried meat all throughout her life. My own grandma on my father’s side just passed away last month, at age 85, which certainly makes me more cognizant of longevity related issues than her.

After rolling out my ab wheel for a few days, I decided to do more research into the science of muscle building, and soon realize that the celebrated six-pack is a result not of muscle growth alone, but the shedding of belly fat as well. So long story short, I decided to try all chicken breast meals. On this auspicious Christmas Day evening, I finally had the opportunity to cook my own meal once, with kids and wife’s family gone for tasty Chinese food on Castro. So here comes my recipe:

  1. Prepare two pieces of chicken breasts (inorganic is fine), cut into small slices of any convenient shape
  2. Put half a teaspoon of avacado oil in a non-sticky pan and once fizzling, dump the chicken slices in with the oil, and stir until no blood is showing. Ladle out in a big dish for later reheating.
  3. Prepare the following vegetables in separate containers (feel free to swap out any with available kinds):
    1. 8 leaves of Napa, cut into thin slices
    2. one enoki mushrooms, with root discarded and the rest cut into 1 inch pieces
    3. one tomato sliced conveniently
  4. Cut two pieces of garlic into small chunks, and dump along with half a teaspoon of avacado oil, into the same empty pan, until the garlic smell comes out.
  5. Dump the enoki mushroom first into the pan, then Napa, then tomato.
  6. After vegetables look reasonable well-cooked, dump the earlier half-cooked breast in, and sprinkle some black pepper.
  7. Finally if time permit, add sprinkles of green onions, before turning off the stove in 10 seconds.

The final result is at least visually impressive, thanks to my years of experience cooking the real greasy/ingredient-rich Chinese food. I ended up eating about 3/5 of the hodge-podge, and minimal number of dirty dishes. Also don’t forget to add some carb (in my case noodle) for practical reason, and chilly pepper sauce is also imperative.

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