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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability

Random thoughts about politics I

I got cornered at a lunch conversation with some friends on issues related to North Korea. While a communist-ideology sympathizer at heart, I argued that North Korea isn’t as bad as western media has portrayed. But Daniel pointed out acrimoniously … Continue reading

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A typo in a book that cost me a day

I have been insatiably reading the computational complexity book by Sanjeev Arora and Boaz Barak, which from the table of contents and review from big guns like Avi Wigderson, Mike Sisper, seems like the holy bible and culmination of all … Continue reading

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Buggy day

Being a software engineer means that it’s a constant struggle between depression and complacence. At the peak of either extremes, there is also the need for periodic introspection. Hands-on people, as are typical of engineers, tend to be negligent of … Continue reading

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On Norbert Blum’s latest proof that P != NP

I first read about this on hacker news, which I encourage more people to subscribe for quality content in the tech/science space. Many people have raised doubts (including Scott Aaronson whose Democritus blog I used to follow) about the validity … Continue reading

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A caffeinated adventure into optimization algorithms and numerical solver libraries in python

Motivated by some optimization problem in quantitative finance as well as simple curiosity, I started looking into some word-of-mouth ML related algorithms and various useful libraries to solve large scale constrained optimization problem. Perhaps my understanding of optimization has deepened … Continue reading

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第一次从厨神到厨霸转型。说笑了。一直觉得生活中唯一过不去的坎就是做饭问题。目前有个非常能干的阿姨代劳,但不能一辈子这样下去呀。所以今天在阿姨的指导下开始向专业级别挑战。前两天也看了写关于厨艺入门方面的知乎文章,详见学做菜如何入门。其中人气第一的回答很多技术细节令我有醍醐灌顶,见之恨晚之感。文中推荐以青椒炒肉丝作为入门菜,因为荤素搭配在火候和刀功方面都有挑战。所以今天我也尝试了一把。 可惜阿姨实在太能干,把青椒事先给我切好了,所以也已成功一半了。外加还给我准备了豆腐干丝。接下来我只要管切肉。平时我对切肉也相当没有技巧。最后往往切成肉丁和肉块并存。主要原因是常温下肉太软,加之到不够快,所以很难切出好的形状。这次多亏阿姨事先给我拿出冷冻的肉,就可以像锯木头一样工整地切。下锅之前,还要把肉放在碗里用稍许料酒,白胡椒,生抽,以及足量的生粉。中餐中生粉的重要性跟油差不多。没了它肉绝对炒不嫩。白胡椒是第一次听说,但是肯定不会难吃。 根据知乎上文,肉炒的时候要热锅冷油。而且建议油放到1/4锅的容量。这有点夸张。所以我只是比平时多加了点油,按照我的健康标准已经过多了。可惜今天锅是热了,油却预热时间过长。结果肉一下锅就劈哩叭啦,没有做到知乎文中的不吸油的状态。不过油放的足够多,最后捞上来也能继续炒别的。文中还说一上来不要去搅肉,但因为我油放的浅了,根本盖不住肉,所以不得不很早就开始搅,当然也是比较轻微的。可惜很晚才意识到可以把大火调到最小,所以有几根肉丝炒的比较煳。最后阿姨过来直接命令出锅,即便有几根肉丝还微带血丝。 把肉直乘到最终装菜的盘子里。花了一点时间把肉和剩下的油分离。接下来炒豆干和肉丝就比较容易了。具体是将锅里剩下的油烧热,然后先将豆干丝倒下去翻炒,然后过大概20秒再放青椒丝。不久之后再放一勺盐,和稍许红糖。后者是为了提高鲜味,因为家里不用耗油等吃了会口干的调料。最后还有一个关键步骤就是尝咸淡。之前放盐总觉得一小勺太多。这次看了知乎文章才知道都是半勺半勺加的,所以直接放了一勺。看来咸淡正合适。 这是炒完了的样子: 这是开吃半分钟以后的样子:

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How do I pronounce my name?

Today as usual I arrived late to company breakfast, due to morning busy work with kids. As soon as I finished ordering, the receptionist asked for my name. So with some nasal stuffiness, I said John. After several repetition, he … Continue reading

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