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乘产假期间回国2周,收益颇多。这里主要谈一下治病方面的进展。不生病不知道体质的重要性,就像不发生金融危机就不重视市场秩序一样。人需要管的东西太多,作为一个有社会责任感的青年,故意放纵的情况是不太多的。多数是疏忽或者优先权错位。 去了一趟云南也看了中医。途中微信感慨了国内医生的敬业,却遭美国朋友嘲笑说中国人不重视锻炼。或许锻炼是比欧美人少,但是也是出于无奈。试想天天单程1.5小时的上班族,外加孩子,有时还要加班,哪有时间去锻炼?吃了几幅药也没见好转。看来锻炼是硬道理。我虽然在微信上严辞反驳说美国80%的肥胖病患率,但回到上海后也开始锻炼了。 重拾高中时的篮球,在校园内95后学弟们的寝室边上篮球场独自练投篮,虽然有老大徒悲伤之感,但球技也颇有长进。对健康却没有信心。如今受感冒咳嗽困扰,胃病似乎缓一缓了,但一些生理表征如隔膜横纹,过量饮食后导致体力衰竭的症状依旧如前,只是消化不良似乎没那么明显了。或许生理年龄到了换一种病的时候了。至于咳嗽,仍然受冷空气和疲劳诱发,似乎略有好转,但很有可能是短期受高强度锻炼兴奋所致。就跟两年前暑假骑自行车上下班是一样。体质虚弱没有好转。 打室外篮球另一好处乃阳光浴。平时我早上9点到10点半左右,可以足足晒1个半小时。国内阳光又没那么刺激,估计皮肤癌概率减半也是有的。今天在网上发现一些偏方也称晒背大有功效。据说长寿村也是晒出来的。这个观点在西医网站也看到过,说是阳光增强抵抗力,促进钙质吸收。之前在美国也略有小试,效果不甚佳,主要还是太在乎晒黑,皮肤癌之类的危害,和对加州阳光的恐惧。此番回去或许会坚持用防晒霜,并注意控制日晒时间,顺便带娃,可以缓解家庭矛盾又健身了。至于运动,还是需要适量。毕竟带娃已经有很大体力支出。最好还是乘身体需要的是有适当锻炼以下。比如一周一到两次球赛。室内运动尽量避免。等身体彻底恢复再考虑肌肉什么的。 如今回美最大的困惑还是如何面对家人在体力方面的要求。孩子9点前不肯去学校,也是逼不出来的。关键下午下班得早,可以乘机带他去公园玩,顺便晒太阳。或直接回家让阿姨接管。好过在路上堵车之苦。太早太晚都不好。关键要走的时间巧。早晨作息还得从长计议。

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Insurance policy

Only after my second child was born did I realize that I have been using the less economic insurance plans all these years. Even during years without major medical events, my family members, myself included, make hospital visits pretty frequently. … Continue reading

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2.5 hour struggle with technology

I am not impressed with user-friendliness (or user-hostility) of either of the two major cellphone makers. Last night I had to port contact list from a Galaxy 5s to a newly bought iphone 7+ for my mother-in-law; for the record, … Continue reading

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How much it costs to raise a kid

Today my wife made the comment that it is actually easier on the parents to send the kids to extracurricular classes than having them stay home, despite the extra financial cost. So I was curious enough to do the following … Continue reading

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Doing research of any kind is insurmountably difficult

I have lived in the research world for a while now, more precisely 12 years. My journey has been an extremely inert one. There have been countless times when I thought I am onto something, and it turned out to … Continue reading

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Reading, innovation, and meaning of life

While staying home on paternity leave, I had more time to ponder the meaning of life, away from hectic programming day job. This is coupled by my grandma’s accidental fall in the bathroom, and the less than optimistic prognosis that … Continue reading

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Living, smart and strong

The title of this post is supposed to be a parody of the book “thinking, fast and slow”, in case you have picked up the connection (and I don’t blame you). Well, you may argue, smart isn’t exactly the opposite … Continue reading

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